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Polycarbonate sheets are an ideal solution to provide natural light inside buildings and optimize daylight.They can be used for roofing and facades.


Designed to provide natural light inside buildings, ONDUCLAIR PC transparent polycarbonate panels promote well-being and productivity.

Thanks to their ability to withstand extreme temperatures (from -30° to 130°), they can be used in any geographical area.

For areas with low sunlight, ONDUCLAIR PC polycarbonate sheets provide a very high light transmission (90%), promoting crop productivity.

ONDUCLAIR PC polycarbonate sheets are virtually unbreakable in normal use. they are particularly recommended for the cladding and the roofs of sports halls.

ONDUCLAIR PC sheets are also recommended for areas regularly affected by hail.

ONDUCLAIR PC is a lightweight, manageable, easy-to-lay solution that can be installed on light framing, without overlap (maximum sheet length up to 12 m). The fast installation, with standard tools, so as the lightness of the material also optimizes your implementation and transport costs.

Polycarbonate Roofing & Cladding System

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